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2019 Spring Cleaning Hacks

We have some simple cleaning hacks to make those dreaded jobs a complete breeze… or at least they seem a little more approachable.

Pet hairs:

As a nation, we love house pets, but their fur and hair get everywhere and its a nightmare to remove from sofas and carpets, that’s where we dig out our rubber gloves, put them on, keep them dry and just give your sofa a wipe over. The rubber gloves create friction which makes fur and hair stick to them. Or you could get hold of a lint roller, on large areas like carpet, a great tool we found was a window squeegee!


Limescale is so hard to remove, it really takes some elbow grease. forget scrubbing or using harsh chemicals. simply leave a bag filled with white vinegar and water tied over the end of your shower heads and taps overnight, remove in the morning and wipe the remains away with a clean cloth.


These bad boys are multi-functional, they leave a great finish on glass, wood, stainless steel and other polished and high shine surfaces. They work great with products like antibacterial cleaner, furniture polish and glass cleaner. If you happen to spill something, not to worry, they are super absorbent too.

But the best part, they are reusable, just throw them in the washing machine!

Cola cleaner:

Using a can of cola, pour into your toilet and around the inside of the bowl, leave undisturbed for at least an hour, then flush the toilet! Repeat process for stubborn stains.

Water stains:

Cut a lemon in half and simply rub the inside of the lemon on the affected areas, normally taps in the shower, then just rinse off the lemon, leaving you taps gleaming again!

We are always looking for more ways to make those big jobs seem smaller. Let us know what you think and any ideas you have tried out!!

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