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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Skips – NOT Landfill

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Are you a business owner about to take part in a big office clear-out which will result in huge amounts of waste ranging from footings to general office waste? If so, you may be thinking about how you will effectively dispose of all this waste as a result of your big business clear out.

If you’re the owner of a farm, factory or any other large or industrial business and you’re thinking of having a tidy up around the yard or around workspaces, the idea of waste disposal must also be on your mind too!

The immediate idea would just be to put as much as you can in the bin, sending it off to landfill where it won’t have the opportunity to be appropriately sorted and where possible, recycled. However, you should know that there are other waste services out there that can better manage your waste from your project.

Why Use Skips?

There are so many benefits associated with using skips, some more obvious than others (there are also some hidden gems that make using skips such a great alternative for businesses looking to dispose of large quantities of varied waste).

Need some convincing? We’ve summarised the top 5 reasons why you should use a skip over sending your waste straight to landfill to help you make informed decisions for your business.

1. Take Your Time

When you hire a skip to use for your business project, you can have the skip for up to two weeks without a single movement, giving you all the time you need to fill your skip to the brim and really make the most of it, getting as much waste, junk and other miscellaneous items off your property as soon as possible.

You can simply choose the dates you wish to have the skip delivered, exchanged if you require another skip and then collected. Leisurely fill the skip at your own pace to make sure nothing is missed and your property is waste free! As a busy business owner, we understand your time is precious, which is why we allow you to use commercial skips for a longer hire period making sure you can get everything done in your own time.

More often than not, commercial waste removal is on-going. This is when regular exchanges are ideal, chose in advance the frequency, date and even time slots in some cases meaning you are waste and hassle free on a regular basis, leaving you to spend time on your own business.

2. Last Minute Cleaning

Do you have some last-minute, serious cleaning you need to do? Maybe before an important visitor or an audit of your warehouse? We can get our skips to you the very next day when you choose our commercial skip hire option.

Just let us know when it’ll be needed and we’ll get the commercial skip to you A.S.A.P so you can get started on your waste removal project on time for the important day.

3. Sorted Waste

Throwing waste into a skip is an easy and simple process, making it a favourable opinion with businesses. However, once you’ve added all the waste to your commercial skip, either pickers and sorters manually go through all the waste to ensure everything is disposed of appropriately, or the same process is done using plant and machinery called a picking station.

Waste is sorted by the material such as metal, wood, plastic and recyclables and is correctly disposed of dependent on the materials. This is a great way to reduce any waste going to landfill. It also opens up the opportunity for people to find hidden gems in other people’s waste.

4. A Chance to be Recycled

Following on from the above advantage, waste in skips has a higher chance of being appropriately recycled. Due to the thorough picking and sorting process that takes place with waste in skips, more recyclable items can be identified and therefore more can be recycled. This means less waste going to landfill.

Absolutely everything that is found to be to a recyclable material will be taken to be recycled. One of our main aims as leaders in waste removal is to send as little to landfill as possible. After being in this industry for over 10 years, we know the ins and outs of the waste industry, and it’s our job to divert as much waste away from landfill as we can.

5. Environmentally Conscious Businesses

Have you recently gone green as a business, or perhaps you’re looking to take steps towards doing your bit for the environment? Then commercial skip hire is a perfect choice for you. Combining the waste sorting with higher chances of recycling, commercial skip hire can help you.

Do you currently or looking to do your own on-site waste separation? That is something Total Waste Services completely encourages, we can offer you multiple skips at your business for different waste streams. You can even get a discount when ordering a skip for a single type of waste. Speak to one of our advisors today to find out our latest price for different materials.

By hiring a commercial skip through us here at Total Waste, you will be given access to more recycling firms than you would have access to normally, helping you to do your part for the environment as a business (this is something you can add to your website to help you stand apart from your competitors!)

Hire A Skip Today

Are you looking for speedy, reliable and effective commercial skip hire in Manchester or Liverpool? Then we can help! Get in with us today to sort out a skip rental for your business project. We’ll be able to help you find the perfect waste solution that is tailored to your specific business project, whether that be through commercial skip hire or other forms of waste removal and disposal. You can also choose from different types of skips, making it easier to find one that is most suitable for your project.

The two types of skips we offer are:

Chain skips – these types of skips range from 2-16 yards and can be utilised for a variety of purposes within different industries. We can provide different skips for different types of waste if you’d like to organise your waste from the get-go.

If your business doesn’t have a courtyard or car park for the skip, it will need to be placed on a public road and you will need a permit for that. Luckily, we can do this for you at an additional fee to save you the time.

RoRo skips – Roll on- Roll off skips are perfect for commercial use and large scale projects such as moving vast amounts of bulky waste. 20 yard RoRo skips are commonly used on building sites where there is heavier and bulkier waste to be disposed of such as soil, brick and concrete.

If you have large quantities of lighter bulky waste, the 40 yard RORO skip will be ideal!

Got a project going on at home too? We also have skip hire for domestic use, perfect for if you’ve decided to finally renovate your home or clear out the garden.

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