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Bulky Waste Removal – Guide for Liverpool Businesses

There are numerous options available for businesses and enterprises based in the Liverpool area who require a larger, more commercial solution to their waste removal than domestic skip hire

Regardless of whether you have restricted access to your site, have a variety of different materials that need disposing of, have had a skip permit recently refused by the local council or require a particularly tight time frame on a job, there is a solution available to match your needs.

Keep reading to discover how you can access a friendly and personal service, working with professional waste removal specialists to ensure the reliable delivery and disposal of all your business’ waste removal needs. 

Grab & Tipper Hire Service

This solution is ideal for businesses working in the construction industry who require a general clean up on site or to take care of leftover waste from a project. You can be provided with a lorry and driver who will self-load on site or on the roadside, leaving you with less labour to complete as part of the process.

One of the key benefits of grab and tipper hire is that a skip is not required to be left on site and take up unnecessary room. The tipper grab’s extending arm affords for waste to be picked up from a distance. Ultimately, it is the ideal solution for removal from any areas that may have restricted access. 

Wait & Load Service

For any waste removal operation at a particularly busy location such as a hectic construction site or a particularly popular high stress, this is the solution for you. 

The operation can be sped up even more by having the load ready to go beforehand, making the operation as simple as picking up and going. This is also a particularly versatile option as half and full loads are both available depending on your specific needs. Also, for those who require added manpower during the operation, we offer extra labour through the man-with-a-van service to help ease the workload.

Hiring a Commercial Skip 

Last but not least, hiring a commercial skip is an obvious but no less effective solution for the efficient and safe removal of your waste. 

Something to bear in mind when choosing this service is that a waste estimation should be done prior to booking. This is important to make sure that you order the right amount of skips and that you choose the most appropriate type of skip needed for the amount of mass you have.

Dependant on the scale of your waste, there are two major skips which you are likely to use as part of the waste removal operation. Due to their large size and guaranteed durability, RoRo skips are the obvious choice for commercial projects. These skips are available in two major sizes: 20 and 40 yards*. 

Meaning Roll on – Roll Off, these heavy-duty solutions are frequently used by those in the construction industry and working on building sites. This is because they are ideally made to deal with heavy materials such as brick, concrete, soil, wood and metal of all shapes and sizes. Also, as next day delivery is available on all RoRo and chain skips in Liverpool, you will never have to wait around on clearing space to continue with any ongoing projects. This ensures an efficient waste removal operation every time. 

Whilst they are used more frequently for domestic waste removal operations, chain skips are still a convenient option for many commercial enterprises, dependant on the amount of waste which is being removed. For example, small-medium building projects, house clearances and gardening projects are common uses for chain skips. Chain skips are also a very versatile option as they come in an array of sizes ranging from 2 to 16 yards.

*Yard size explained: As a general rule, you can assign a full bin bag value to each skip size to get a good estimation of what solution you need. For example, the 2-yard skip will fit approximately 15-20 bin bags within it.

Going Green with Waste Removal

Investing in the services of a waste removal company isn’t just an effective solution where time, space and money are concerned. It can also go a long way to making sure that your business is operating in an environmentally conscious way as possible. 

This green and clean practice isn’t just essential within our contemporary business age from an ethical standpoint, but from a marketing one too; with a 2014 report stating that 55% of consumers across 60 countries would be willing to pay higher prices for goods which come from “environmentally conscious” companies.

Compared to simply sending your waste to landfill, using the services of a waste removal company will ensure that your waste has a far higher chance of being appropriately recycled. This is because far more waste items can be identified and recycled due to the thorough picking and sorting process that takes place with our skip hire services. Absolutely everything that is found to be to a recyclable material will be taken to be recycled. 

On-site waste separation is another way you can do your part to ensure an environmentally clean process as possible when having your waste removed. Total Waste Services thoroughly encourages you to have multiple skips for different waste streams (e.g. plastic, wood, metal etc.) When ordering a skip for a specific type of waste, you will be doing your bit for the planet when working with Total Waste Services.

How to get Waste Free Today as a Liverpool Business?

Select the type of service you require, set the most convenient date and get waste-free: That’s it.
Total Waste Services are the full-service waste removal company based in Liverpool – offering you realistic, honest prices from day one with no hassle. Get in contact today about a quote and one of our expert team will be on hand to answer all of your questions and get you on track to fulfilling your waste removal needs today. It doesn’t get more simple than that!

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