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Concrete and screed can be used in a number of ways, in a number of industries and aspects of life. Here at Total Concrete & Screed, we deliver high-quality concrete to domestic and commercial customers and around the West Midlands.

Not only that, we make the process as easy as possible for you with our new concrete calculator which allows you to determine how much concrete you need, and how much it’s going to cost.

We also offer different Ad-mixtures, depending on your requirements. These include fibres, which helps to prevent cracking during the curing stage. We have a wide range of Ad-mixtures available

Commercial Concrete

Commercial concrete can be broadly defined as concrete used for the development and renovation of business facilities such as industrial buildings, factories, retail stores and even restaurants. Commercial concrete can be used almost everywhere in a house, including walls, floors, walks and pavements outside, and even architectural details.

Commercial concrete usually places higher demands on it in terms of physical quality and strength compared to domestic concrete. Commercial concrete floors and pavements, such as post-tensioned slab building also need a tougher concrete mix model or heavy reinforcement.

By combining water, aggregates and cement to create a paste, commercial concrete is made. The ratio of mixing these materials is predetermined and is therefore very versatile. Simple changes can be made to the ratio in which the basic ingredients mentioned above are mixed. This results in various types of commercial concrete mixes, including the following:

  • High Strength Concrete
  • High-Performance Concrete
  • Air-entrained Concrete

Alongside these mixes are concrete grades. Each grade determines which concrete is suitable for each purpose. Concrete grades are defined in a wide range of ways, with numbers defining the strength 28 days later.

For example, the strength of C10 is 10 newtons, the strength of C15 is 15 newtons, the strength of C20 is 20 newtons and so on over a 28 day period. Here are the grades Total Concrete & Screed supply for commercial use:


Domestic & Commercial Use

Used for: Patio slabs, non-structural work and pathways.


Domestic & Commercial Use

Used for: Pavement kerbs and floor blinding.


Domestic & Commercial Use

Used for: Construction, multi-purpose concrete mix and foundations.


Commercial Use

Used for: Low-grade mix for paths and roads.


Commercial Use

Used for: Commercial structures, slabs, external walls and structural piling.


Commercial Use

Used for: Commercial building sites, creating structural support foundations and roads. C40 can be the most durable in this list, and it is often used on farms where slurry may cause corrosion on structures and septic tanks.

Domestic Concrete

Whether you build an extension, lay the drive or create a walkway, with our high-quality domestic concrete, all domestic building projects can be improved substantially. There are a wide variety of different uses for concrete in a domestic setting. Here are just a few:

  • Concrete house foundations
  • Conservatory foundations
  • Domestic garage foundations
  • Concrete wall foundations
  • Home extension foundations
  • Driveways
  • Shed Bases
  • Gardens

Domestic foundations made of concrete can also be used for summerhouses, sheds and supporting structures like patios and walls, whilst garden cement can be used for large scale landscaping projects, all the way to simple pathways and patios.

Our domestic concrete is easily maintained, quick and easy to place, cost effective, durable, long lasting, versatile and adaptable.

As mentioned before, with any type of concrete there are mixes and grades. Each grade determines which concrete is suitable for each purpose. Listed are the grades that we offer, alongside what they are used for:


Domestic & Commercial Use

Used for: Patio slabs, pathways, non-structural work.


Domestic & Commercial Use

Used for: Pavement kerbs and floor blinding.



Used for: Construction, multi-purpose concrete mix and foundations.Used for: Domestic floors, light foundations, garages, driveways, workshop bases and internal floor slabs.


Domestic & Commercial Use

Used for: Construction, multi-purpose concrete mix and foundation


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