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Dishwasher For Dishes?

With a Spring clean on your to-do list we have some great but unusual uses for your dishwasher that will save you time so you can be doing other things.

Dishwashers do so much more than just clean dishes!

Do you get the most out of your dishwasher? Using your dishwasher rather than leaving the tap running to clean in the sink could actually save you money! We found using a dishwasher freed up time to reorganise cupboards, empty out those drawers in the dressing room and generally tidy other areas whilst the dishwasher was doing its thing!

Try loading your dishwasher with these items:

  • Plastic (non electrical) toys, these can be children’s toys or your pet’s toys.
  • Plastic hair combs and brushes.
  • Greasy tools from that shed clear out.
  • Kitchen sponges (much better than binning them after a week!)
  • Even baseball caps – sounds crazy but after a while these things get bit smelly, but they lose their shape in the washing machine, place on the top rack in your dishwasher!
  • Clean off car parts.
  • Get rid of germs from your dustpan.
  • Even run your toothbrush through the machine to remove any bacteria build up.
  • Make up brushes are a bug bare, they cling onto oils, bacteria and dust.
  • Car parts like wheel trims come up great after the grease and grime is removed.

Do you have any other funky uses for your dishwasher?

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