Handy Tips

Give Your Garden Some Love

With Spring on our doorsteps bringing with it the lighter evenings and the warmer days, it’s time we got back in the garden and get our hands dirty, literally.

It’s still is a little bit chilly out there but we have some quick fixes to give your garden the Spring boost.

  • Paint your pots, a great way to smarten up old pots and add a flash of colour, place these by your door for a warm welcome home.
  • Repair the lawn, simply lay down grass seed in the worn out areas and cover with netting.
  • Prune back anything that has gone wild!
  • Plant new bulbs and plants in flower beds to give you a bright garden in a few months or even weeks.
  • Clean up that decking or patio, give the whole thing a good scrub to remove green stains.
  • Give the flower beds a good de-weeding, removing anything unwanted.
  • Paint your fence, this is a great way to add colour too. Who said you have to use brown paint!
  • Wipe down your existing garden furniture, this may just do the trick without replacing the whole set.
  • Add a bird bath and bird feeders, these are a great way to attract wildlife and can be quite the feature.
  • Install some solar lights, they are inexpensive and easy enough to install. they also aluminate beautifully when they are slightly hidden in flower beds.
  • Add a water butt, these are a great way to save money when watering your plants, fill your watering can straight from the water collected off your roof!

Buying garden furniture?

When choosing your garden furniture be realistic, it is so easy to get carried away and imagine highs of 30 degrees every day from June to September. In reality, even when the temperature is high, the sun may not be out!

The advertisements for outdoor furniture look absolutely stunning, the sun is shining, cocktails on the tables, sometimes there’s even a swimming pool in the background! This is a rare sight for a British garden so don’t get too excited when placing your order, think of the environment it’s going to live in.

Measure the space before you buy, this sounds so obvious now but at the time of purchasing you will be thinking about invited the entire street over for a BBQ to show off your revamped garden.

Also, be sure to buy an outdoor furniture cover and one that actually fits!

Clear out your shed

We bet you still have paint pots older than your children in that shed, you thought it would be great to keep them “just in case”, the worst never happened and you are hoarding dribbles of paint in 5 litre tubs! Good news, you don’t just have to throw these away, you can use kitchen and bathroom paint on plant pots around the garden, a really nice and quick way of brightening up your garden. If your paint is still useable have you thought about running it down to your local community centre, they might get some use out of it.

Re-organise the lay out of your tools so you can see what you have got, what you lost and what had gone rotten at least once this done you can pull out your spade without pulling the contents of your shed with it (hopefully).

Find those bulbs and seeds you didn’t get chance to plant last year and get them in the ground! Once the early morning frost has gone, this time of year is perfect for new shoots to appear.


We are obviously great believers of responsible recycling, but this can start with you. Have you thought of a compost bin for your garden? They are a great way to reduce the amount of green waste you produce from your garden and later reuse it as compost for your flower beds. An added bonus to a compost bin is your food waste, avoid smelly bins by using your compost bin for food wastage too!

If you do require green waste removal, don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 4011131 and we can discuss available options including skip hire or wait and loads.

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