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How to Get a Skip Hire Permit in Liverpool


In Liverpool, skip hire companies are responsible for acquiring skip permits for individuals who need them to be placed onto public land (e.g. a road opposite a house). By enlisting the help of a Merseyside waste removal company, the processing of obtaining this permit will be done for you, easily and efficiently. Keep reading to discover all the information you need regarding obtaining a skip hire permit in Liverpool.

Things you need to know when booking a skip for domestic use

  • Skips cannot be placed onto a public right of way, such as a pavement or footpath. Skips which are being placed onto private land generally don’t require a permit.
  • It is also important to bear in mind that there are other restrictions which the UK government impose on skip usage. This information can often vary between different jurisdictions and counties other than Merseyside.
  • The largest skip allowed on the highway is an 8 yard, any skip bigger than this will automatically get refused by the council. But don’t worry we won’t let you get that far, instead, we can advise you on multiple skips as your permit last for a period of time. The amount of skips you have in that time is up to you.
  • Skip permits last 7 calendar days most in Liverpool areas so bear that in mind when planning your project. You could always extend your permit if needed, but we prefer to work with you to find the most cost-effective solution that suits your requirements.
  • You must also allow for permit applications to be processed. As a general rule, one working day is sufficient time to receive a decision from the council.
  • Skip permit applications may be rejected when there are traffic restrictions on the highway including double yellow lines, pedestrian crossing, even in front of a drop curb on the pavement. We will investigate all of these factors before processing the application to reduce the chance of refusal.
  • A skip permit is also not only required for skips, but for any hippo and skip bags which are placed in the area the skip is going to go prior to obtaining a license as well.
  • It is illegal to start, or indeed initiate a fire within the skip in any form. Not only is this a criminal offence which you could be prosecuted for (depending on the exact circumstances of the arsonary). You may also be liable for a replacement and repair costs with the waste removal company who you have hired to obtain the skip
  • Overfilling the skip is a common problem which can arise within the skip removal process. Placing too many items in the skip can be extremely dangerous to members of the public, for example items could fall out and hit passing civilians and/or vehicles, including the user themselves. Also, if overfilled, it will be impossible for the skip to be taken away by the waste removal company. Your skip hire company may unload the excess items if they feel it is safe to do so, leaving the customers with more work to remove and dispose of the excess waste.
  • Under no circumstances is it OK to put any form of hazardous waste in the skip with the rest of the waste material. This is extremely dangerous for the workers involved and will most likely result in extra costs being billed to the individual as the waste removal company will no longer be able to take your non-hazardous waste away by the same means.
  • Make sure you are aware of what size of skip you need in comparison to how much waste you have to take away. This is not only important for the reasons stated above regarding over-filling, but also in relation to ensuring that you make the most of your skip size and get good value for your money!

Things to know when booking as a company for commercial use

–       It is important when hiring a commercial skip that you do a proper waste estimation prior to booking to get a firm idea of how many skips and/or what type of skip(s) you will need in relation to the amount of mass you have to dispose of. This can be a common issue for commercial skip hire, as big industry businesses will often have a large amount of waste to dispose of – and overfilling is just as much an issue here as it is for domestic individuals.

–       There are various skips available for commercial use. Dependant on the scale of the waste that needs disposing of, a chain skip may be sufficient for your needs. There are also RoRo (Roll on – Roll off) skips and containers which are frequently used by commercial clients with larger waste disposal needs.

–       These Roll on – Roll off skips are the obvious choice for commercial use and large scale projects (e.g. moving vast amounts of bulky waste) due to their large size and guaranteed durability. For those in the construction industry and building sites, 20 yard RoRo skips offer the perfect solution to all your commercial waste removal needs, as they are ideally made to deal with heavy materials such as brick, concrete, soil, wood metal of all shapes and sizes.

–       Next day delivery is available on all RoRo and chain skips in Liverpool amongst certain waste removal services – meaning you do not need to wait around on clearing space to continue with any commercial projects.

Why you can trust us

There are a lot of competitive skip hire services available in today’s market today, however, none of these will provide you with the same level of impeccable service as Total Waste Services.

By choosing to work with such an established waste removal company, you can ensure that the entire process of obtaining your skip, making the right preparations before, and experiencing a smooth waste removal process is handled efficiently without any unnecessary hassle.

Also, with society rightly becoming more aware regarding environmentally friendly waste disposal and the impact this can have upon our planet, it is thoroughly important that you choose a waste removal company who acts ethically.  In 2017/18 alone, the Daily Mail reported that there were over 3.2 million tonnes of waste sent to landfill in the UK.

For this reason, Total Waste Services implement a fully eco-friendly waste disposal practice whenever possible – leaving customers rest assured that they are contributing to the clean removal of waste items. ​We can also tailor packaged to recycle as much of your waste as possible by providing different skips for different types of waste. This isn’t just effective in reducing your costs but also results in less waste being sent to landfill unnecessarily.

Total Waste Services places great importance on providing exemplary customer service. As a result of this priority, you can expect an impeccable personal case management service. This thoroughly personalised service guarantees that you will have everything you require for your waste disposal needs and are left fully informed regarding necessary information, all of our procedures and policies and any further enquiries you may have.

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With no hassle quotes and 5-star local reviews, we are the full-service waste removal company in Liverpool. Get a quote today and one of our professional, friendly team will be on hand to answer any further queries and get you on the way to fulfilling your waste removal needs.

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