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How to Prepare your Garden for Autumn

The “Autumn Clean” – it’s all about going from bottom-to-top. Simply start from the bottom of your garden (the soil and lawn), before working your way up to the greenhouse shade paint and pruning your trees. All that’s left is for Total Waste Service’s expert domestic rubbish removal team to take away your garden waste. In no time, you and your beautifully clean and tidy garden will be all set for autumn.

Level 1: The Soil

This autumn it’s set to be mild, so your soil will be nice and warm. This is the perfect temperature to till the soil: introducing oxygen to promote the growth of healthy microbes. 

  1. Start by raking away dead plants and leaves, to avoid slippery mulch accumulating.
  2. Add some compost to the soil, along with nutritious soil amendments
  3. Cover all areas and turn the soil well with a gardening fork.

What to do with the waste?

Any extra dead plants and leaves can be added to your home compost or packed into moist bin bags to break down into healthy leaf mould to boost your beds in the future. 

Total Waste can then dispose of anything that you can’t. Our Grab Hire domestic waste removal service is ideal for soil and stones.

Have a look at the government website to read up on the do’s and don’ts of garden clearance and waste disposal here.

Level 2: The Lawn

Cutting, weeding and deseeding – three simple steps to ensure your lawn is in perfect condition for the autumn. 

Mowing a tall lawn during winter is tricky, so avoid problems down the line by giving your lawn a really good tri now. Next, apply some quality weedkiller to promote healthy grass growth. Weedkiller will also help you remove any seeds that have fallen from mature plants and fruits.

What to do with the waste?

Simply add your grass, weeds and seeds to your domestic garden waste and Total Waste Services will come and remove it for you. 

Level 3: Patio and Pond

While Autumn is going to be milder this year, it is also going to be wetter than average. Therefore, it is important to prevent dirt and grime amassing on your patio. Give the patio a good wash before scrubbing it down, to keep it nice and clean. 

Visions of picking out soggy plants from your pond throughout the winter? Prevent this from happening by simply placing a net over the pond and holding it down with bricks or stones. 

Level 4: Plants

In Autumn, some plants belong inside, others don’t belong at all. Here’s how to get it right: 

To remove: Remove your annuals, cut back your perennial shrubs and remove mulch from stems. It’s key to check the health of your existing plants:  spotted leaves or rotting stems might be the first signs of a fungal disease, so either treat the plant or prune off affected areas to contain the spread of the disease. 

To add: It’s the perfect time to start planting evergreens, and also spring plants like daffodils and tulips. Meanwhile, add salad leaves and vegetables to your greenhouse, so you can enjoy fresh home-grown produce throughout the autumn and winter. 

Get some more ideas about plants for autumn here

To take indoors: Any plants that might be susceptible to cold weather and frost need to be taken inside. Clean out the greenhouse by removing plant debris and disinfecting paths, staging and inner glass. Then, add in weather-sensitive tender plants like begonias and dahlias, as well as herbs.

What to do with the waste?

Flowers, clippings and twigs can be added to your compost, or simply set the rubbish aside for our Grab Hire team to come and remove as part of our clearance services.

Level 5: Greenhouse shade paint

In cooler months, it’s important to ensure your plants are getting enough sunlight to photosynthesise. Wash the year’s shade paint off your greenhouse with hot, soapy water to allow maximum light to enter inside.

Level 6: Trees

Trees have begun to shed their leaves, leaving branches bare and easier to inspect. Have a look for signs of diseased parts or dangerous overhangs, and remove branches accordingly. 

What to do with the waste?

The branches can then be added to your garden waste and our domestic rubbish clearance  service will quickly and efficiently remove them for you. Don’t worry if the branches are too heavy to lift and move – we can easily grab them over hedges or fences and load them for you.

Check out our previous blog to discover what happens next to your domestic waste after we remove it 

And finally -garden furniture and equipment

Keep your shears and secateurs in good shape by sharpening them up well. 

Spades and forks: give these tools a thorough scrub down to remove any soil, wash with a hose and dry well to prevent any rust developing.

Pots: You can wrap pots in cardboard or bubble wrap and add extra insulation with hay. Make sure all pots are elevated off the ground to prevent them from getting waterlogged when it rains.

Rainwater containers: After carefully removing any pipes and tubing, drain your rainwater container regularly to stop the mechanism from becoming damaged by icy water.

Furniture: Protect the furniture from the cold weather by storing safely in the shed, or applying protecting covering. It’s also the perfect time to give your shed a good clear of any old and damaged furniture and tools. At Total Waste Services, our skips hold twice the volume of a typical builder’s skip, so there’s no need to worry about the size of any such rubbish that needs removing when using our skip hire service. 

After that, sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful autumnal garden. Keep all your garden waste in an accessible place, and Total Waste Services will quickly load and sort through your waste for optimum domestic rubbish removal. At this point, you don’t even have to lift a [green] finger.

Book online at Total Waste domestic waste removal to get your garden waste expertly removed, hassle-free. 

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