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What Size Skip do I Need For My Home?

Skip for my home

Domestic skip hire is a great way to help you with your home improvement efforts. Whether you are clearing out stuff after a long overdue house cleaning session or simply spring cleaning, you are bound to end up with a huge amount of waste that will need disposing of.

One issue people run into is deciding on the size of the skip they need. People often underestimate how much waste they actually need to get rid of and order a size too small. We’re here to guide you on the factors you should take into account when looking at skip hire and what size you’ll ultimately need.

Why Use Domestic Skip Hire?

Knowing all the benefits of skip hire can help you make an educated decision about what you’ll really need. Skip hire for your home will ultimately save you a lot of time when doing any renovation work. Finding a way to transport all that waste yourself will require a huge time investment, that’s not even getting started on the physical demands of it all. The time saved will be invaluable to you.

Touching on the physical side of everything, it’s much safer for you to consider domestic skip hire rather than doing everything yourself. There are a lot of health risks and disposal shouldn’t be one of them. We’ve all seen in films where someone puts their back out by lifting something that’s too heavy in an incorrect way. There’s also the risk of broken glass and other sharp objects. Don’t risk hurting yourself and hire professionals. When going to local recycling centres, there may be certain things you can’t dispose of, for example waste left at your household by a tradesperson.

Why Would I Need Domestic Skip Hire?

What scenarios require you to start using a skip? There are obviously lots of times when you can just pack your car full of bin bags and dispose of it yourself. As mentioned before though, you don’t often anticipate how much waste you’re actually going to produce and get rid of. There gets a point where going back and forth between home and recycling centres is just not worth it.

We see our skips as the perfect companion for when you’re doing some home clearance. Whether you have a garage that no longer functions as a garage but instead acts as storage of rubbish, or you’re working on larger projects like a kitchen renovation, they really help you focus on the process rather than worrying about where it’s all going to go after.

What Types of Domestic Skips Can I Hire?

at Total Waste Services, we offer two types of skips for domestic hire: Chain skips and RoRo skips. While we recommend chain skips for most instances of domestic hire, there are uses for both types of skip depending on your needs.

Chain skips are the most common kind of skips, the ones you see outside your neighbour’s gardens all the time. Chain skips range from 2-16 yards and are perfect for small projects like house clearances, garden renovation and builders. If your skip needs to be placed on a public road, you will need a permit. We will arrange that for you with the local council.

Roll on- Roll off skips are perfect for commercial use and large scale projects e.g moving vast amounts of bulky waste. These types of skips are rarely used in the domestic sector, however, they are still available upon request. The 20-yard RoRo skips are ideal for heavy materials such as soil, brick and concrete, whereas the 40-yard RoRo skips are the perfect choice for light general waste such as wood, metal etc.

What Size of Domestic Skip Should I Hire?

A skip size needs to match your project goals. We understand when you see a skip, the urge to fill it to the brim is irresistible, so if you follow this guide we’ll make sure you’re getting the most satisfaction of filling that skip.

Our chain skips come in a range of sizes, starting at 2 yards and going all the way up to 16. Our RoRo skips, on the other hand, are offered in two sizes: 20 and 40 yards. That’s a huge range of sizes for you to work with, so we’re certain you’ll find the perfect size for your project.

All our skips give you a visualisation of what fits in by assigning a bin bag value to each. It is a tried and tested scientific form of measurement. For example, our 2-yard skip will fit in it around 15-20 bin bags.

What Domestic Chain Skip Matches Your Project?

2-4 Yard Skips

Our 2-4 yard skips are perfect for smaller projects. This size is perfect for smaller projects such as garage or house clear outs, where you know you will accumulate more waste than you can take to the tip in a car, but do not need a full-size skip for the work.

6 Yards – Builders Skips

6 Yard skips are often referred to as “builders skips.” They are one of the most popular sizes for medium-sized renovation projects. This size skip is ideal for a larger kitchen refit, or if you need to clear out large items of furniture. This skip will hold approximately 50 – 60 bin bags or the equivalent amount of waste.

8 Yard Skips

The 8-yard skips are perfect for heavy construction waste. This includes soil, concrete or rubble. Hence why this skip is the most popular size. If you are carrying out larger domestic work or you’re undergoing a refit or large renovation, this may be the ideal size skip for you.

10 Yard Skips

If you are carrying out a house clear-out with a lot of large items of furniture to dispose of, the 10-yard skip may be the best size. This skip is ideal for house renovations, where waste such as sofas, wardrobes, and any larger items of furniture need to be cleared.

12-16 Yard Skips

When you start moving into the 12-16 yard range, our largest skip sizes, they’re most suited for large building works and house clearance waste. You need to be careful on weight restrictions here as despite being larger, it is actually an offence to drive a lorry that’s carrying more than its legal weight, depending on the type of lorry depends on the weight restriction, plus the chains can’t support too much weight.

When Can You Use RoRo Domestic Skips?

So when would you need a RoRo skip? When using larger skips but weight becomes an issue is a perfect time to use them. They allow you to undergo a really huge renovation project. These projects are difficult enough as it is so we can help keep your stress to a minimum.

Our 20 yard skips are ideal for heavy waste streams like soil and brick whereas the 40-yard RoRo skips are more suited to light waste streams like wood and plastics. To give you an idea, 20-yard RoRos can fit 160-200 bin bags and 40-yard RoRos can fit 300-400.

Start Your Next Home Improvement Project With Domestic Skip Hire

Let us help you clear out that garage or get that new kitchen you’ve always wanted. We can provide you with the skips to dispose of the waste in and we even have packages where we move everything for you. Get in touch today to start getting the home of your dreams. Or, if you already know what you need, get a free quote and start today!

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