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The Different Forms of Commercial Waste and How to Recycle

For successful modern businesses, your means of effective waste disposal solutions should be a major consideration. Ensuring that your waste is efficiently disposed of on a regular basis will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Thankfully, there are many options for businesses based in Telford, Wolverhampton, Manchester and Liverpool who require a larger, more commercial solution to their waste removal needs.

Ensuring that your waste is disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner is also a huge factor for commercial businesses and enterprises. The ethical benefits of this speak for themselves, however, the modern customer now also wants to work with a business who is operating in the right way. Therefore, environmentally conscious waste disposal is a way of benefitting the planet whilst also furthering your business’ appeal. 

Keep reading to discover how you can access a friendly and personal service, working with professional waste removal specialists to ensure the reliable delivery and disposal of all your business’ waste removal needs.

What is Defined as Waste?

The definition of waste, as provided by The EU Waste Framework Directive which Britain’s waste legislation stems from, encompasses anything which has been “discarded” by the holder. Alongside this, separate regulatory regimes exist for hazardous waste and harmless natural materials. Hazardous waste includes the likes of emissions into the air, radioactive waste and sewage outflow. Harmless natural materials include the likes of manure.

The Different Types of Waste

In terms of standard commercial rubbish clearance, waste can be split into two major categories as supported by the UK government’s landfill tax legislation. Landfill tax is the national government’s means of increasing the cost of landfill. This has multiple benefits, however its predominantly in place to minimise the amount of waste which is sent to landfill. By the broadest definition, there are two forms of waste recognised by the British government:

Active waste

  • Covers all other forms of “traditional” waste products 
  • Can generally be differentiated through the idea of “man made” vs “non-man made”. Examples of this form of waste include wood, plastics, ductwork and piping
  • It is far more expensive to send active waste to landfill than inactive waste
  • The standard rate for active waste: £91.35 per tonne
  • More common amongst domestic clients, however still disposed of by many commercial organisations

Inactive waste:

  • Includes most materials used in a building’s fabric as well as materials excavated from the Earth for laying down foundations
  • Most forms of glass, brick, concrete, soil and gravel would be classified as inactive
  • It is far less expensive to send inactive waste to landfill than active waste
  • Lower rate for inactive waste: £2.90 per tonne
  • Very popular amongst commercial clients, less so for domestic 

Why Consciously Commercial Waste Disposal is Important

Statistically, Britain produces far too much waste. The latest data provided from 2017 shows that the UK generated just over 200 million tonnes of waste, with England being responsible for approximately 85% of this. However, this was an improvement on the 222.9 million produced within the UK in 2016. 

Statistics also show that 70.2% of waste was either recycled or recovered in the UK in 2017, which betters the European Union’s overall target to recycle or recover a minimum of 60% of waste products. Even more impressively, the amount of plastic which was recycled instead of being sent to landfill has risen 38.2% to 46.2% within the UK in the last 5 years. 

Furthermore, the UK government plans to continue this commendable turn towards more environmentally conscious waste disposal, setting a target to recycle 50% of household waste items by 2020. There are a wide array of environmental and ethical factors as to why recycling is important for a commercial organisation when disposing of waste. 

Ultimately, it is absolutely vital that businesses and commercial clients continue this upwards trend by working with a rubbish clearance specialist who will ensure that your waste is disposed of in the right way. Don’t fight against the tide – consciously dispose of your commercial waste with the help of specialist services today.

How a Rubbish Disposal Specialist Can Help You

Regardless of what type of waste your are producing, a rubbish disposal specialist will ensure that your commercial by-product is taken care of efficiently and in the most environmentally conscious way possible. 

They will work with your specific situation to ensure that a solution is available to match your needs. Regardless of whether you have a variety of different materials that need disposing of, have had a skip permit recently refused by the local council, require a particularly tight time frame on a job or have restricted access to your site, Total Waste Services are here to help.

Often the best solution for commercial clients is our commercial skip hire. What makes this choice so efficient and environmentally sound is through the careful picking and sorting process that takes place. Our rubbish clearance specialists will ensure that businesses items found to be to a recyclable material will not be taken to landfill.

For those working within the construction industry, an equally conscious and effective solution is the grab and tipper here service. From removing tonnes of inactive waste to carrying out a thorough clean up on your sight, we will provide the right vehicles for the job. 

If your business has a lot of machines on site then tipper hire would most likely be the best solution. This service has a higher payload and an efficient turnaround. Grab lorries are also available to collect your waste, providing a driver who will self-load on site or on the road if preferred.

Total Waste Services: The Clear Cut Choice

Rubbish clearance has never been more efficient than with Total Waste Services. Our commercial waste disposal specialists are renowned for their environmentally conscious approach and will ensure that your waste is handled in the correct way. 

A conscious effort is always made to guarantee that the minimum amount of waste items are sent to landfill and the maximum are recycled. If you want to dispose of your waste the right way then please get in contact today.

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