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Tips To Save You Money On Skip Hire

We know that ordering a skip for the first time might be quite daunting, and could be quite costly, we have put together a simple guide to save you money on Skip Hire.

1. Order the correct size

May sound obvious but we see this mistake happen all of the time. Skip prices go up as the size goes up, the bigger the skip, the more you pay. So don’t let your eyes get too big for your wallet, you won’t be refunded for space not used in the skip.

However do not overfill the skip, you may be charged an overloaded fee, the skip may be too dangerous to be collected, therefore you will be charged with a wasted journey fee. Using our skip hire size guide you will be able to find a skip that is perfect for your needs. If you are still in doubt, give us a call!

2. Take note of what can go in the skip

It is far too easy to throw anything in a skip when it is on your driveway, but there are rules.

You will be told what can’t go into the skip at the time of booking, this includes hazardous waste like tyres, wet paint, asbestos etc. If any of these items are found the skip will not be collected incurring in a wasted journey charge or you will have to pay a contamination charge.

This does not mean we cannot provide a service to dispose of these items for you, it just means it needs to be separate. Call for full terms regarding hazardous waste.

3. Donate

Before you order a skip see if you can give away any of your items like toys to charity shops, dressing table to a family member, reducing the amount of things to go in the skip could save you money on the size.

4. Prepare

We see this one too often, prepare space on your drive to place the skip. Drivers are given allocated times at your address, if the driver is having to wait around for you to move things around you may receive a waiting time charge.

5. Duration

As a general rule, skips are hired out for a week- fortnight, be mindful of this whilst booking a skip. Have you got a holiday booked for that time, which will stop you from filling the skip, do you have family staying over so you will be entertaining rather then clearing out? You may be charged extra for an extended hire period.

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