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Wipe Winter Away!

Do you think “The Spring Clean” is a thing of the past?

Well, we don’t think it should be.

The Spring clean originates from when houses were heated with fireplaces and efforts were made to keep the heat from escaping. In most cases, this is a thing of the past with central heating, better insulation and better build quality of properties.

However, with Spring comes lighter evenings and warmer days, for us that’s enough inspiration to stop hibernating and inject bit of energy back into our lives. It’s time to crack open those windows and let that fresh air back in!

Is it just us that feels a kid in a sweet shop when you find your stuff! (you didn’t even realise you owned it in the first place, let alone lost it) and the photo albums, ohh.. the photo albums!


We all have that “Winter Shed” and by that we mean, in the winter when you are finished with that screwdriver you throw it in the shed, not caring where its proper place is because you will sort it out when it gets warmer. Well now is the time, part of a Spring clean can be as simple as reorganising your things.


After Christmas, we can bet that your decorations went back up in the loft without a single thought of placement because lets face it it gets cold in the Winter up there!

You will be amazed at how many time you have just thrown something in the loft and not given it a second thought, its time to get up there and throw away what you don’t need or use anymore, that includes your son’s old toys, he’s 28 now!


Your poor garden has really gone through it this year with a double hit of snow, whilst you have started dreaming of that family and friends BBQ in the summer. The preparation really needs to start now.

Have a good trim back, de-weed and plant some colour back into those flower beds. I bet the patio slabs need a good clean too!

With help from technology these days the big Spring clean doesn’t have to be so big, with help from vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, washing machines, you will be enjoying your fresh feel home much sooner.

We have just touched on a few things that could do with a helping hand this Spring, read our other posts that go into further detail.

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